Mule Deer rut action

The elk season has come and gone, but romance is still in the air in Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s the mule deer’s turn, and like usual the animals sure aren’t disappointing. This huge 12 pointer came out of the wood work and was hanging around a group of 6 females, while harassing and showing off for the two spike bucks. The shot shows the flehmen behavior of the male who is standing over an area where a doe just peed. With this behavior he can determine if the doe is close to coming into estrus.

Mule Deer Big Buck, 12 pointer, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado

Oh Deer

I headed into the park this evening to find some mule deer and found about 13 total. Two bucks were along the road and to my amazement these guys walked right past me. Over 20 minutes of being with these fellas they actually walked towards me quite often more interested in getting to the next bush. It was a great experience being with these amazing animals.

Mule Deer Stare Down, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, CO