Fresh Snow at Mary’s Lake


There is something special about fresh snow. This storm came after weeks of record highs and it was great getting back to winter. #VisitEstesPark #EstesPark#LandscapePhotography

Estes Park Winter Photography


Winter Photography in Rocky Mountain National Park requires a bit stronger spirit to wait out the amazing morning light after a storm with cold fingers and toes but the results on good days are so worth it!

Here is the Mummy Range, the peaks you first see when you enter Estes Park from Highway 36 from Boulder basked in soft pink clouds.

Deleo’s Deli Videos

Its been a quite cold and somewhat snowy week here in Estes so I’ve been busy preparing for various workshops and other projects. One of them was producing some videos for my friend Tom Deleo. The Food Network found Deleo’s Deli in 2001 when he was featured on “The Best Of: Picnics” and then in their book “The Best Of: The Best Of” as well as being selected as one of the top 5 delis in America, coming in at #2. If you have been to Estes Park and not visited Deleo’s Deli its a must stop for your next visit. Check out the videos and see why.

Video #1 Deleo’s Deli in Estes Park

Video #2 Tom Deleo’s Deli Diaries – some really funny stories

Coyotes on parade

Yesterday right before the Beaver Meadows entrance a group of four coyotes lounged and trotted through the ponderosa pines in search of food. They drew a crowd of folks, but they really didn’t notice much until one fella drove far too fast right at them. They are definitely in their winter coats, and they were loving the high 30 degree afternoon.

Coyote, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado

Coyotes! (Warning: Blood and Guts)

Took out a mother and daughter from Tennessee for a morning shot. Sunrise was pretty much a flop, but well after sunrise the clouds grew pink over Longs. We had watched a coyote cross the road and a few minutes later it literally walked right past the car as we were out shooting. Driving out of Moraine Park we saw another coyote, then all of a sudden I saw red! Red means a big animal died or was killed and there were 4 coyotes roaming close to the kill. We got about 25 yards away and watched as the coyotes did their job of recycling nature’s resources of the elk. I took close to 600 shots and walked away with some pretty cool shots. One makes them look really mean, however this shot shows their more true nature being generally a sweat, curious, but cunning survivor of the American west.

Coyotes on elk kill, Moraine Park, Rocky Mountian National Park, Estes Park, CO
Coyotes on elk kill, Moraine Park, Rocky Mountian National Park, Estes Park, CO