Media Day with Yellow Wood Guiding

Yesterday I took out Kyle Wagner, Travel Editor for the Denver Post and her friend for a photo safari. As soon as they pulled in the snow started to fly but we still had a great time taking photos and discussing photography technique.

Also Sunset Magazine did a short piece on Yellow Wood Guiding Photo Safaris which can be found on Page 34 of the May edition.

Here’s a shot from yesterday at the Alluvial Fan.

Alluvial Fan in th spring snow, Nature Photography, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Happy Beaver

Being a full time nature guide has many perks, but one of my favorites is getting to know the animals of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park intimately. Last evening I headed down to a great Beaver lodge to see how much activity there was. At least 3 of the beavers were out at one time, both adults looked healthy. I’ve visited these furry folks for 2 years now so they are like old friends.

On May 15th I’m leading a seminar for the Rocky Mountain Nature Association called Nature’s Enginers: Beavers. We will follow the footsteps of Enos Mills as he described in his great book, Into Beaver World. For more info or to sign up visit

Here is a shot of one of the younger beavers still living at home with mom and dad. This was a fresh cut log, and you can see if you look close the orange front teeth of this happy beaver. Visit for more images and tour information.

Beaver, Wildlife Photography, Estes Park, Colorado

Moraine Park Sunrise

I headed into the park hoping to get the party cloudy part of the forecast with the clouds in the right spot. Like usual they were farther east than hoped but it was still a nice sunrise. Those magic mornings where everything goes right are very rare. So I made the best of what we got. Later in the morning I found the moraine park coyote pack lounging in the morning, along with about 300+ elk.

Moraine Spring Sunrise, Landscape Photography, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado

First Flower of Spring

Generally every year around April 5th the Early Buttercups start to bloom. This year thy were budding on the 5th but no flowers were open. Today just this one was shining in the sun. Lower in Estes Park other flowers are showing up but I always count spring being the day I find the first flower blooming in the park. The question is who pollinates  the first flowers, well I saw a ton of them today… and its not bees. Flies are one of the top pollinators of the world.

Early Buttercup, Nature Photography, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado