Lia’s 1st Snow

Had a great few days with Lia from Columbia, as in South America. The first day out was her first time in the snow, seeing plenty of elk, coyotes hunting and lots of Mule Deer. We toured most of the park under blue skies and a bit of wind. We wrapped up the day snow shoeing around Bear Lake checking out the great ice, tons of animal tracks like snowshoe hares, and watched a pine squirrel do its thing in the tree. We spent the next two days looking for Big Horn Sheep, Coyotes, and other wildlife as well has taking some great walks through the snow in the park. We never did see the sheep, we were offered plenty of Elk, Mule Deer, Coyotes, and at the very end of the last day a Red Fox to wrap up our extended weekend in snowy Rocky Mountain National Park. Here’s a shot of some of the Mule Deer we saw.

Mule Deer Ears, Wildlife Photography, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado

Big Horns in the Snow

Today was not just cold, it was frigid at best, -2 F. It was so cold that each breathe was freezing to the camera back. My nose almost froze to the camera a few times. After the snow the Big Horns often head down to the roadways to lick up the salt, and this time of year is the end of their rut so there was a nice mix of males and females out and about. Unfortunately I found them late while they were heading back uphill for the evening rest.

Big Horn Ram in the snow, Estes Park, Wildlife Photography, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Deleo’s Deli Videos

Its been a quite cold and somewhat snowy week here in Estes so I’ve been busy preparing for various workshops and other projects. One of them was producing some videos for my friend Tom Deleo. The Food Network found Deleo’s Deli in 2001 when he was featured on “The Best Of: Picnics” and then in their book “The Best Of: The Best Of” as well as being selected as one of the top 5 delis in America, coming in at #2. If you have been to Estes Park and not visited Deleo’s Deli its a must stop for your next visit. Check out the videos and see why.

Video #1 Deleo’s Deli in Estes Park

Video #2 Tom Deleo’s Deli Diaries – some really funny stories