More than Elk during September

Had a great tour with a daughter and father and although today’s guiding goal was large animals, we were blessed with all kinds of small moments and animals. Pikas and Marmots scurried around the tundra in 30 mph winds. We had a conversation with a magpie, visited by a pine squirrel, and amazed by an American Dipper. In the evening we heard the hoot of a Great Horned Owl while visiting beavers. It was a great reminder that some of the nature’s best moments are with nature’s smallest and most subtle beings.

Special Moments in Rocky Mountain National Park
Special Moments in Rocky Mountain National Park

Good Birding and oh yeah, there are some elk

Spent the morning with fellow instructors for the Rocky Mountain Nature Association, very intriguing. Then had an evening Safari where we spotted a Brown-capped Rosy Finch on the tundra, a Great Horned Owl, and then there was some great elk action.

Bull Elk on the march, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park
Bull Elk on the march, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park

Good Morning Good Night

Had two tours today, the morning with a couple from New York City, we started off with the elk rut in the meadows, then watched as a family of 6 coyotes played near some elk then literally walked right past us. Headed down the valley and found 2 bull Moose in Moraine Park. In the afternoon we spent time with a marmot, mule deer, and of course a few hours with the elk, we had a great show. We then rounded out the evening with the Beaver family.

Elk in the Sun

Another mostly cloudy day, but this evening was a Ram’s Horn Elk Spectacular night and the sun came out for a bit, and the elk didn’t disappoint. There were 4 main harems and probably 15+ satellite bulls. It was a blast watching all the squabbles and misplaced hopes of getting a girlfriend. We had it all.

Seley Wildlife Safari

Took the Seley family out for a wildlife safari, it was gray and cloudy with a few sprinkles, but we never got the snow they predicted. So we hit up Bear Lake and saw tons of small mammals like Least Chipmunks and Pine Squirrels and saw the amazing fall color. Watched the Elk rut behavior and had some great moments, chases, pushing cows around, bugling, some sparring, and we rounded off the evening visiting the Beaver family and spotted some raccoons as well.