Early Arrivals – Mountain Bluebird Male on Valentines Day.

mountain-blue-bird-early-arrival-ywguiding-2-14-2017 Over the last 15 years I’ve been here in the Rockies these striking migrants usually arrive the first week of March. Two weeks early may be an aberration but birds migrating earlier and earlier is one of the thousands of signs of #ClimateChange impact on our world.
2/14/2017 Nikon D500 200-400mm @ 400mm, f5, 1/2500 ISO 500 #VisitEstesPark #RockyMountainNationalPark #Wildlife

Estes Park Winter Photography


Winter Photography in Rocky Mountain National Park requires a bit stronger spirit to wait out the amazing morning light after a storm with cold fingers and toes but the results on good days are so worth it!

Here is the Mummy Range, the peaks you first see when you enter Estes Park from Highway 36 from Boulder basked in soft pink clouds.

Owl Watch update

Today the baby owls left the nest tree and ventured off to some neighboring trees. With the chicks out and about mom and dad were vigilant. A Raven showed up and was threatened by a bunch of hooting from the female. This shot was during a photo safari with Cindy and Lynne from Boulder. For more info on Estes Park Photo Safaris

This was shot with the Nikon 500mm AF-S II + 1.7 teleconverter is the mother before the raven showed up.

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Great Horned Owl nest update

Its been just a super pleasure to watch two separate nests of Great Horned Owls raise chicks this spring. In 5 years I only ever saw a handful of owls, now this year there are two nests! Daily bird watching in its finest form. This shot is of a chick that is only a few weeks from fledging. They are practicing with their wings and doing some exercise as they leave the nest a bit. Mom is always nearby though incase of any trouble. Estes Park Wildlife Tour Info

This shot was with the Nikon 500mm AF-S II with a 1.7 teleconverter.
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Chasm Falls, Estes Park Photo Safari Tour

Yesterday Katlin and Kim headed out on a Photo Safari and the highlight of the trip was hiking up the 1.5 miles to Chasm Falls on Old Fall River Road. The mist was thick near the falls but we were able to take a few great shots. Many other good shots came as well, great water at the Alluvial Fan, the Big Thompson. We then spent time hitting other great locations making some nice landscapes, and ended the day shooting the baby Great Horn Owls. Estes Park Tour Info

Here is Katlin’s shot of Chasm Falls.

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